34 Location Independent Ways to Earn a Living – With Examples

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Why do it?

Expectations etc.

This list contains an interesting mix of opportunities from the obvious suggestions like “web development” to the weird and wonderful such as “camel trainer” or “rescue worker”. We did this to show just how varied the jobs are that you can do while living anywhere.

With each location independent job suggestion, we have outlined the work and how you can go about making money. Just so you don’t think we’re making these up, we have included examples of people smashing it already!


1. Social Media Manager

Getting into social media management can be as easy as reaching out to brands in a niche that interests you. Any small businesses who don’t have the time to focus on growing their social presence is a potential opportunity.

Do your research: There are endless amounts of social media marketing guides you can get for free. Learn the basics, test them on your own accounts and you’ll be armed with enough knowledge to get your first client. Start off small even working for free, improve your marketing knowledge and grow a portfolio of happy clients.

Consultants working in social media marketing who produce good results for clients can charge a lot for their services and work from anywhere!

2. Transcribing

If you enjoy typing and can do it fast then transcribing might be a good fit for you. Among a few other things, you will also need to have a strong grasp of English grammar and punctuation.

Transcription is converting spoken word (which can be live or recorded) into written text. Some common freelance transcribing jobs are for business calls, interviews, presentations etc. There are a lot of sites where you can find transcription jobs such as:
Transcribe Me
Transcription Jobs on Upwork

There are plenty of people making a living from transcribing like Transcribe Anywhere founded by Janet Shaughness. Jane started working from home as a transcriber and now runs transcribing courses at Transcribe Anywhere.

3. Run a blog or website and start publishing

Create and sell digital products

. Run an Ecommerce shop selling physical products

Affiliate marketing

4. English Teacher

5. Videography

6. Web Development

. Web designer

. Photographer

. Biofuel Educator

. Balloon Artist

. Communications Specialist

. Trapeze Artist

. Consultant

. Coach

. Freelance writing

. Author

. Film Maker

. Camel Trainer

. Software Developer

. Brand/logo designers

. Graphic designer

. Business Analyst

. Insurance agent

. Rescue worker

. Translator

. Radiologist

. Believe it or not even MD’s have a chance at location independence.

. Virtual Assistant

. Property Manager

. English Teacher

. Dancer

. Importer


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